Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"The greatest pleasure of writing is the inner music that the words make."

This is just going to be a brief blog post as I have some good news to share with you guys. Well, actually it's brilliant news but I'm trying to be calm about this because believe me, if I allow myself to get excited, I will end up peeting my pants. 
To cut a long story short, pretty soon I'm going to be writing for another blog called BobbySix. It's a blog focusing on music/culture and it's so awesome. Even if I do say so myself. It's a PROPER blog, with an editor and everything - a bit like an online magazine - and it features some amazing interviews, reviews and articles. I'm going to be joining the team and I am honestly SO excited.

I've just conducted my first interview and it went so well, I'm pretty much on Cloud 9 here. This is like my dream...I love music, I love writing, I love combining the two so I'm at the stage where I need pinching every so often because I can't believe somebody actually wants me to write for their website. However, don't think you've got rid of me this easily as I'm still going to be posting my own ramblings on here. I'll also be posting the link to things I've done for BobbySix so make sure you check them out because I would really appreciate it.

So that's my good news and honestly guys, I couldn't be any happier. With that, have you guys had any good news recently and if so, what? 

Peace out for now guys, I'm off to edit my first interview ;) xxx

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  1. Aw Vick, this is fantastic news! Congratulations, you divine, talented piece of female hunk! I can't wait to read some of your posts! I love you and your blog and every one of your writing pursuits!!!

    Okay, lesbian style rant over... Xx