Sunday, 9 June 2013

IAmMusic.TV: Zach Sobiech, the coolest dude.

Today, I was sat at work complaining about some of the shitty jobs I have to do in order to pay my bills; I have a cool job and I couldn’t ask for a better manager but sometimes, the fact that I’m not spending my days writing for a huge newspaper, overlooking the New York skyline, gets to me a bit. But then I saw this link pop up on my Facebook and suddenly, everything was put into perspective :::
Zach Sobiech is an absolute hero; the link above documents his journey in a way my words could never do. At 17, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his life was given a deadline. Instead of putting a limit on the amount of wonder he could create, Zach dreamt big and used music as something for his family to remember him by. He created ‘Clouds’ with one of his best friends and in turn, they created something truly spectacular.
Music totally has the power to change the world and Zach’s story proves this. His family and friends will ALWAYS have something to remember him by and his legacy lives on through his creations. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the above, it’s that you should never under-estimate the beauty of something so simple. Music is something we all take for granted, on a daily basis, but it’s also something Zach’s family and friends will never be able to listen to in the same way again. ‘Clouds’ is beautiful; it’s inspiration at it’s most raw and powerful source.
Yes, we all have bad days and sometimes, we spend a little too long focusing on the negative…this is completely normal, if you’re human. But watch the video and get to know Zach’s story; I, for one, sat in awe as I watched it and realised that it’s about time I showed some gratitude towards everything my life is about. I’m lucky I’m in the position to be able to be writing about Zach’s story, regardless of whether I’m overlooking the New York skyline or the streets of South London.
Thank you, Zach Sobiech, for creating something so amazing, so inspiring…and for letting us watch, and listen, to your story. So many hearts are being touched over the world right now, with your music.

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