Saturday, 19 April 2014


how do you write something about someone who isn't trying to fuck you up? 
i'm still learning - like i always will be - about how to do things right. how to write. 
and it's only when i'm sat in a reggae club at 1:45am, with strange substances swirling around my body,
that i can be honest. truly honest. mainly about how i'm so scared i'm going to mess things up.

because good, healthy relationships are something i've never had.
not really.
so as i'm learning to do things right, properly,
just bear with me.

i promise the weird freak outs and my ability to only be nice when i'm drunk will all be worth something soon. when your name is written in big letters on the first page of my book, under the word 'dedications', which will be written in bold italics (calibri), that's my way of saying "thank you for the being the only person who has ever bought me a birthday balloon."

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