Friday, 29 July 2011

No regrets...

"No regrets...growth. Give yourself credit. Everybody is different. Their view of you may not be correct. Does it really matter? Who matters? You.
Who do you love? What do you know that no-one else knows? Take a chance.
Talk, laugh, cry. You know how to laugh, make a fool of yourself.
Enjoy the highs, appreciate the lows...they are humbling. Learn, learn about yourself. Be aware.
Be positive, be hopeful. Don't ever let anyone destroy who you are and what you believe. Be open to change and evolution.
Accept. Reach out. Ask questions and hear the answers. Are they right?
Live for the moment but anticipate the future. A good one. You deserve it.
Word very hard. Don't stop. Admit weakness, your strengths will speak for themselves.
Use your gifts. Yup, you have gifts.
Forgive. Let go.
Swallow your pride, but spit it up when you're done to make sure it's still intact.
Be gentle. Be strong.
Kiss, kissing is wonderful.
Keep a promise. Conquer a fear. Don't be perfect. Be excellent." - Alanis Morissette

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