Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I wish nothing but the best for you.

"Love is like a fire. But whether it's going to warm your heart or burn down your house...you'll never know."

Apart from Mayday (what EVEN is that all about?!), Valentines Day is officially the world's most pointless 'holiday'. In my opinion, Valentines Day is just a day set aside for people in relationships to laugh at singletons, drink too much wine and spice up their sex life by actually including foreplay in their nighttime business. Card shops have an excuse to put cheesy posters up in their windows and charge £7.00 for a card that celebrates the oh so simple 14th February. Hotel Chocolat, Thornton's and other chocolate shops can overprice a heart shaped strawberry creme chocolate and restaurants can charge £50 for a prawn cocktail. I'm against all of the above and I believe strawberry creme's are overrated anyway. Then again, what do I know? I'm the girl that considers 'Pancake Day' to be the most underrated 'holiday' ever...

In an attempt to give Adele's '21' album a bit of a break, I headed to Camden today to shop my Valentines Day bitterness away. After buying inappropriate jewellery, drinking a bottle of wine with my best friend and her Mum and falling in love with an amazing lady who owned a stall in Camden Lock, we ventured back home. Amidst the bunches of flowers that seemed to fill the Northern Line tonight,  were plenty of people feeling exactly the same as me. You could see it on their faces.
No single person wants to be reminded of the fact that they're alone, purely because it means they then spend the night reflecting on a time that they had somebody to share a bowl of chocolate ice-cream with.
When you reflect on things, you tend to forget the reasons as to why that specific relationship didn't work out. You look past the times you fought with each other, you ignore the times infidelity had cropped up and  suddenly, they're the greatest person on Earth. Your understandable bitterness turns into a longing for any form of romance, from anybody willing to give it to you. Those boxes of chocolate that the majority of commuters on the Central Line were carrying are each just another reason for you to text that ex of your's. Because it's better to have somebody than nobody, right?

After a bottle of wine and 2 Koppaberg ciders (over the duration of the day), seeing my best friend get treated like a princess by her gorgeous boyfriend and watching the whole of London fall in love, it's safe to say I am well and truly over Valentines Day. Actually, who am I kidding; I was well over this stupid day as soon as I entered it on the phone to a close friend, while my best friend's boyfriend's naked body was in my face. Totally not as fun as it sounds...
I'm not prepared to text/e-mail/Facebook/tweet past boyfriends in order to not feel alone. I've spent my evening surrounded by my best friend's parents, drinking yummy cider and watching rock festival highlights. I might not be in a relationship, but I'm definitely not alone.
Valentines Day is apparently all about celebrating LOVE. There's no rule book stating that the celebrations must centre around the love you share with a boyfriend/girlfriend, is there? Who says that we can't celebrate having an amazing relationship with your best friend, your Mum or your cat?
I'm certain that those people on the Northern Line, suffocating themselves underneath bouquets of flowers and cuddly teddies, weren't resorting to this much hassle just so they could present their pet pug with lots of loving on 14th February but wouldn't it be nice if they were? Granted, that's a little bit strange, but it would be brilliant to have somebody exceed my expectations today.

While I know people will be reading this thinking "Oh, this bitterness is all because she's single!", I can assure you it's not. I've celebrated Valentines Day as part of a relationship and I hated every moment of the day/night. Why do we have to force ourselves to 'be in the mood' for love/sex/emotions on a specific day? Why can we not just celebrate that 'love' every day? Nothing says 'I love you'/'You make me so happy' like  unexpected gestures...positive gestures, obviously, a punch in the face really doesn't scream 'LET'S BE TOGETHER FOREVER' now, does it?
So, here's to all us singles putting down our phones, closing off that text message we were about to send to that awful ex and drinking a glass of wine instead.  Here's to spending the night with your Mum, not your latest love interest and here's to giving those chocolates to somebody less fortunate and spreading the love a  little further.

*drunkenly slides off bar stool*


  1. This is AMAZING. Exactly what I wanted to hear on Valentine's Day! Rather beautifully written too, of course. Preach it, Vicks! xxx

  2. That's the spirit you delicious human being!! Love this post, you are a genius! Xx

  3. This is perfect. And what I needed to hear on Valentines Day this year...and it is beautifully written. :) x

    1. Aw thank you so much! That means an awful lot xx