Friday, 15 June 2012


Just before Christmas 2011, I started writing for a blog that goes by the name of IAmMusic. It combined unsigned artists, new and unseen videos, fresh talent and wicked competitions that allowed readers to win tickets for hot gigs and events. I've always been passionate about writing and that passion has always coincided with music so being able to combine both of them when it came to writing for the site was really a dream come true.

The creator of the site, Ms Carly Wilford, is as much of a dream as her website is; easily one of my favourite people, she's always hot on the freshest batch of talent and coolest events and she's bloody hilarious with it.
What with working a 37.5 hour week, desperately trying to have some form of social life and get my recommended hours of sleep, blogging can be such a hard task because sometimes, the words just don't come out right or my tiredness takes over and I find myself rambling about whatever/whoever it is I'm writing about. I'm SO lucky that Carly gets that because I'm able to write for the site whenever I can, there's no pressure whatsoever and the best thing about it is that I'm free (and so are the other bloggers) to publish any talented finds of our own.

It's pretty inspiring seeing how far Carly's got the site now; it's on the tip of people's tongues, the Twitter page has 8,000 followers and interviews include Tom Cruise, Russell Brand & Plan B. I know I'm bias when I say this but IAmMusic is going to be the hottest thing to hit your laptops/computers/eyes and I'm backing it all the way. I really do advise that you all go check it out, like the Facebook page, give us a follow on Twitter and get reading because it's gonna be HUGE.


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