Monday, 3 October 2011

Even the strong need someone to tell them it's all right.

When bad news gets delivered to my door, I eat. I eat anything that isn't nailed down and God help it if it looks as though it can be eaten with either chocolate sauce or custard. Over the past few weeks, bad news has been a regular visitor and with that, my trips to the shop to buy calorie laden foods have become more and more frequent.
However, after stepping on the scales and realising that perhaps the 3rd batch of triple chocolate brownies went straight to my thighs, instead of my heart, I knew that when bad news knocked this weekend, the confectionery aisle of my local supermarket was not the place to find my solace.
So instead of reaching for yet another tub of ice-cream, I reached for my phone. I, stupidly, tweeted about the bad news and luckily for me, I'm followed by some absolute diamonds because within seconds, I had DMs, tweets and texts asking what was wrong.
Now, I try to not take my friend's (or followers) for granted, as I don't think that's healthy, but something about the amount of love sent my way last night made me realise that I really am incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people acting as my safety net.
In honour of my "safety net", I've set out on this blog post. I'm absolutely shocking with emotions/feelings and the thought of openly telling somebody just how much they mean to me gives me the heebie-jeebies which is why I rarely do it. However, I just thought a quick, soppy blog post could sum up what I'm unable to do without making myself sick from too much toe-curling cheese:

To my wonderful safety net, thank you for making me fearless of falling. I know I'll be alright as long as I have you to catch me. I'm not scared when you're around xxx

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  1. This is such a lovely post Vick! Probably one of my favourites you've done! You're quite the writer you! ;)

    I LOVE YOU xXx