Friday, 20 January 2012

Oh, Eastbourne...

When I'm asked where I live and I reply with "Eastbourne...most of the time.", I can guarantee that most of the people who have asked will reply with something 'witty', like "what, God's waiting room?" or "isn't that full of old people though?" and while I'd be a fool to attempt to argue with these people, because a) yes, that is what my town is known for and b) I see no issue with old people running my town because I quite like drinking tea and playing bingo.

What does annoy me though, besides these people being completely right, is that Eastbourne's 'good' points are completely overlooked by these 2 sweeping questions.
We have a GORGEOUS beach, amazing views and while the pier doesn't live up to the standards of Brighton's pier, it is lovely to walk around.
'Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging' and 'Brighton Rock' (the remake) have both been filmed here, the promenade has seen many a TV camera (Little Britain was filmed here, YEAH!) and this tiny little town has even featured in a music video...ok, it was Sam and Mark's (the Pop Idol finalists) music video, but STILL, that's a feature...
We have one of the cleanest beach's in the UK, Eddie Izzard studied here and the Travelodge advert even shows a sneaky peak of Eastbourne's seafront.

I've never been a big fan of this seaside town, I've always preferred big cities and the hustle and bustle of London town BUT after spending the majority of my night sat, freezing my bum off, on the beach drinking hot chocolate and getting all deep and meaningful with my buddies, it's hard to hate it. The sea makes everything else seem so insignificant and when you see Eastbourne's skyline lit up at night, your camera has to come out.

For once, I'd love it if the reply to my answer of "Eastbourne...most of the time" was something other than the previously mentioned questions. I'd quite like somebody to shock me and ask "do you really live in the town that part of Harry Potter was filmed in?" (yes, yes I do. Part of the Quidditch World Cup, in Goblet of Fire, was filmed on Beachy Head) or "Eastbourne? Didn't Sting film one of his music videos there?" because I realised tonight that I should be mighty proud of my little town. While it has nothing on London, or even Brighton, it's beautiful in it's own right. Plus, most places make a smashing cup of tea and the bingo hall is pretty brilliant...

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