Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oh no, it's FINE. I love being taken for an absolute fool.

When it comes to blogging, I try not to be too personal. I know this sounds rather strange considering blogging is supposed to be completely honest, but I believe that everybody is entitled to a little bit of secrecy. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart...which funnily enough is what this blog post is all about.

Just like pretty much every single 18/19 year old there, I'm a huge lover of social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter are perfect for documenting every single thing going on in my life and obviously, they help me connect with friends, which I love because I'm absolutely awful with communication some days. However, while they seem brilliant in that respect, they're also quite dangerous. The bullying, the teasing, the bitching...these things all come from social networking sites and while hiding behind a screen and saying something mean to somebody may seem funny when you're with a group of friends, that comment will almost definitely have an effect on that person.

I'm going off on a tangent here because I've just realised how awful these sites can actually be, but in my case, right now, social networking sites can be dangerous because they can uncover the truth. Before you think I'm absolutely mental for considering the truth to be a bad thing, hear me out...please.

Consider this situation: Girl meets boy. Boy flirts with girl. Girl gets a confidence boost. Boy pulls out all his best moves in order to make girl reciprocate flirting. Girl gets sucked into the mess, loosing her head for a second and boy kisses girl. Girl then remembers the 'hoes before bros' code and asks boy if he has a girlfriend. Boy says no. Girl lets herself get happily sucked into the situation, resulting in boy getting exactly what he wanted and girl thinking she can definitely take this one home to meet the parents.

This all seems perfectly honest, right? hold that situation in your head whilst you're reading this.

Boy meets girl. Boy decides he's bored and in need of attention. Girl seems more than happy to reciprocate flirting. Boy gets more and more confident/horny. Boy kisses girl. Girl pulls away and asks about a girlfriend. Boy hesitates for about 2 seconds, remembering the poor girl sat waiting for a reply to a text she sent 3 hours ago. Boy decides girl doesn't need to know about girlfriend because after all, there's no point in stopping the fun when said girlfriend isn't there. Boy lies. Girl kisses boy. Boy is happy the situation is working in his favour. Boy forgets that he's potentially hurting not one, but two girls, with this situation and lets his penis take over.

Not so honest now.

However, from where I'm sat, situation 1 was all I've ever known for the past year. I happily let myself get sucked into a situation which I considered to be lovely and I convinced myself that the situation could get serious. While I should probably point out now that 'serious' in my books means POSSIBLY letting him stay the night, alerting my Mum that I'm 'just texting' a guy and saving his number, I still allowed myself to get carried away by the situation. And that means that I'm still left reeling when I discover just how honest Facebook can be.

Having not paid much attention to above mentioned Boy's Facebook, in fear of not wanting to seem too keen (just in case Facebook suddenly releases a programme that allows people to see just who is visiting their profile), it never occurred to me that the boy could have been lying. While I'm not exactly a nun when it comes to the opposite sex, I guess I just let myself believe the ol' fairytale story that us girls seem to know and love. When are we ever going to learn, huh?
Anyway...thank God for Facebook...or not, depending on how much you appreciate honesty. There I was, happily browsing through Boy's Facebook (I'd like to point out I'm not a stalker, he just has a rather pretty face...) when I see a comment that reads "thank u for 2day, gorgeous. Love u xxxxx". Now, this is where curiosity really should kill. I tried to stop myself but I just couldn't: I clicked on the girl's profile. And there it was:
"(insert girl's name here...) is in a relationship with (insert stupid boy's name here)" "Anniversary: 18th September 2010"
While this girl's awful spelling/grammar doesn't really tick any of my boxes, I suddenly feel horrible. They've been together almost 2 years and while I had absolutely no idea of this (said relationship doesn't appear on Boy's profile...he's clever like that), I feel like I've gone against one of the 'Girl Code' rules.

I know this poor girl would be devastated if she found out - after all, she is human and who knows how many other girls this fella has on the go - but right now I'm more concerned with the fact that I fell for an absolute lie. If it wasn't for Facebook, I'd still be texting this boy thinking things were FINALLY going somewhere. But then again, if it wasn't for Facebook, I'd still be texting a slimy love rat who thinks it's okay to let his penis do the talking and lie to girls?

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